Affiliate Program Development

Affiliates, Influencers, Creators, and Partners

Affiliate Programs are an effective way to tap into a potentially limitless source of varied traffic channels. With millions of people online all the time, your next customer or sale is out there right now, and an affiliate program is an excellent way to help them find you even when they don’t know they are looking.

Based on your company’s needs and unique product specifications, we will design an appropriate program for both immediate traffic generation and the ability to grow. So whether you need a new program developed from the ground up, or the expansion and management of an existing program, we can get this done for you.

  • Development and Launch of New Programs on preferred platforms – Proprietary, Commercial, and Network.
  • Promotion and Program Representation
    Recruitment and Management of Publishers
  • Compliance Monitoring and Brand Management
  • Network Management
Tessera Marketing Outsourced Partner Program Management

Affiliate Programs

In-house or on a network, complete Outsourced Program Management (OPM) services.

Influencer Campaigns

Get the right influencers with your targeted traffic to review and recommend your products and services.

Partner Marketing

B2B, Co-Marketing strategy and development.
Tessera OPM Services

90-Day Affiliate Program Build

Get your own affiliate program up and running and ready for in-house management in just 12 weeks or less.

Programs for Affiliates, Ambassadors, Creators, Influencers, Publishers and more. Whatever the Partner type, your program will be able to service, track, and help optimize your marketing efforts with each of these channels. We’ll do the work outlined below, in coordination with you, providing our guidance and recommendations to build you your own program.

Who is this for? It is assumed you already have a marketing team handling your search engine marketing, email, social media, etc and are ready to add an affiliate program. Your team is busy but once the program is developed you wish to have it handled in-house. That’s exactly where we come in.

Every program is custom and as this is a collaborative effort the timelines are estimates. Much of the work is done concurrently and not everything may be necessary for your program. There are never any surprises as all development is always done on behalf of your brand with full awareness and transparency.

Defining Your Brand and Your Program and Offers – positioning your brand so publishing partners best understand your setup and goals when evaluating the program opportunity.

Offer Performance – the traffic and messaging currently working best. Arming your affiliates with the information they need to best promote the offers to their audience.

Terms and Conditions – the rules, requirements, and restrictions for promoting your offers. Written in easy-to-understand language to best protect your brand and which publishing partners will appreciate.

Marketing Collateral (Creative) – recommended content affiliates will use for promotion, including banner sets, email creative, social media images, infographics, and more.

Tracking and Management Platform Integration – Based on need and budget, choices of service providers are recommended and build-out of program begins on selected platform begins.

Affiliates – Identifying the affiliates that do well for your brand. From Influencers to Review Sites, or Shopping Directories and Coupon sites as a few examples, Affiliate Marketers and their traffic come in all shapes and sizes, and the volume, quality, and point on your sales funnel will equally vary. What they do share is your target audience. We outline the strategy and target list.

Offer Types – Optimizing your offers to best match affiliate traffic. Whether high on your sales funnel and still exploring or ready to add to shopping cart and convert, offers are structured to best optimize each type of traffic available from your affiliates.

Promotion – a program ‘one-sheet’ is developed, outlining the information affiliate partners will want to know when evaluating your offer.

Forums, Groups, and Websites for Promotion and Participation – Listing the program on affiliate marketing and brand-relevant websites.

Recruitment – An active campaign soliciting targeted affiliates, influencers, or other digital marketing promoters.

Reporting – Daily, Weekly, and Monthly reports are developed to monitor performance, fraud, and opportunity.

Optimization – Analyzing traffic and conversions the affiliate landing pages are optimized, and more of the best-performing publishers are targeted for recruitment.

During the last couple of weeks of the contract promotion and recruitment continues as we train our selected replacement and ensure all account management transitions are friendly and seamless for all publishing partners.

After 90 Days?

Your team takes control and we’re done. Of course, if you prefer we continue promoting and managing the program until a later date, a month-to-month agreement is available.

Give us a shout

Consultations are always free and we look forward to discussing your affiliate program needs.